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BeTheMedia Mastermind - Build a Personal Brand with Video
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Build a Personal Brand with Video

Get the confidence, strategies & support to create videos to grow your personal brand!
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Only $49/mo!*

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That’s exactly why I created the #BeTheMedia Mastermind.

Creating videos doesn’t have to be a process of isolation, confusion or inconsistent execution.

Creating videos can be liberating and FUN and serve your business even while you’re away.

When you tap into the power of video:

✓ you’ll start to love yourself on camera

✓ at every opportunity instead of thinking “should I make a video”, you’ll be thinking “should I do this live or recorded”?

✓ your audience will see your commitment, zeal and enthusiasm and be attracted to you

✓ you’ll stand out as an authority in your field

✓ you’ll have created your own brand story – one that is true to you!

✓ you’ll start attracting your ideal clients who will think “Damn, she’s good, I wanna work with her!”

✓ you’ll have so many relevant ideas you won’t be able to create enough videos to meet demand (that’s a good problem to have 😉

✓ you’ll have created a brand you absolutely LOVE!

So let’s start having some fun with video, shall we?

When you join the #BeTheMedia Mastermind,
you’ll have access to:

  • Monthly Premium Trainings – take a deep dive into content and strategies
  • Monthly Group Calls – a safe place to receive support, constructive criticism and feedback from your peers
  • Challenges and Activities – grow with tasks that will take you out of your comfort zone
  • Marketing Strategies & Templates – solid strategies and worksheets that chart a clear path towards your goals
  • Downloadable Resources – tools, templates, animations, software, equipment recommendations and more to help you navigate the tech hurdles
  • Behind-the-Scenes Content – stories from my struggles and learning as I grow my video marketing brand

…and I’ll be adding guest trainings, live trainings and more to the Mastermind.

What People Are Saying

Salma, I think I just need you to spend an entire week with me so I can inhale all your energy and wisdom.

Sana Khalid

Truly Salma, you offer more pearls of wisdom and gems than anyone out there! A truly selfless professional with great vision and tools! Thank YOU for your generous spirit!

Susan Day

Since I joined Salma’s 10 day video challenge a few months ago, my craft seems to be on the right track. Here are the growing views on my website. Weekly videos seem to work! Thanks Salma for such an impact!

Olena GH

Awesome!! Salma you are a diamond!! Always giving such useful information.

Sarah Kate Holford

Thank you Salma. I love this group. It’s very active, helpful and healthy in form of the members energy and attitude. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it, learn and contribute. I feel like a winner.

Saro Boghozian

I am so happy! I’ve been following Salma Jafri’s lead and being a little more intentional with my channel. I am getting views, likes and some comments (other than my 13y/o’s comments).

Nanette Floyd Patterson

$40.83/month when you choose the annual plan

*$1 7-day trial
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